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About Goan Khmer United

Goan Khmer United is an online platform/ community for young Cambodian American youth to socialize and network through news media, movies, music, food, fashion and culture related topics. The main focus is to promote new talents, businesses and positive awareness within the Cambodian community.

The success of The Goan Khmer United organization depends largely on our leadership team of professionals and volunteers. This group works to meet the needs of our community by providing resources and raising support as needed.

if we don’t take care of our community, who will?

Because we believe it is our responsibility, the Goan Khmer United  leverages the strength of our community to provide aid for Khmer in need. Our work includes seeing to the daily necessities of those in need, connecting people to the skills and services necessary to be self-sufficient, and ensuring all Khmer have their needs met and can participate in Khmer life.

Whether you’re a new parent looking to join a playgroup, a teen seeking internships or volunteer opportunities, a college student or young professional hoping to expand your network, or anyone else looking for fun, meaningful experiences in L.A., L.B.C and beyond, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Staff

Mike Srey – Founder and CEO

Mike Srey was born in Cambodia during the killing fields and raised in the United States of America.