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Cambodian deputy gov caught vicious beating of innocent bystander.

The holidays, in America, mean two things: the roaring TV fire of the yule log, and, for some reason, a soothing upper-class English accent.

As other brands try to outdo one another’s saccharine fireplace scenes and festive extravagance, KitKat is taking a cue from America’s least flashy Christmas tradition and going the extreme minimalist route. Its latest UK ad involves a simple stark gray screen as a narrator explains why you might need a break from all that holiday cheer. Even though the screen is totally blank, somehow the plummy narration makes it sound like “Masterpiece Theater.”

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“Ahh welcome to nothing,” the soothing, if somewhat self-satisfied, voice says. “Nobody suggesting gifts to buy or watching pretend families gathered around the Christmas table…Nice for a change isn’t it?”

Whether you’re sick of holiday noise or you think the man is being a bit of a Scrooge, the commitment to the bit is admirable: The 30-second spot never breaks from the blank screen and the only brand appearance is the quick tagline at the end of the monologue.

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